50 by 50 Kick-Off: The Carolinas and Georgia

This morning I left for my first trip that is officially part of my new 50 by 50 initiative — my plan to complete my list of seeing all 50 states, by the time I turn 50 in a year and a half. I’ve already been to 32 of them, and have 18 left to go. This trip will knock 3 off that list:

North Carolina

South Carolina


10988500_1055354414481740_1532496391317340434_nI’ve flown through all these states but never spent any time in any of them. My partner Keith and I will start with the Outer Banks, North Carolina — where we will be staying on an awesome yacht called The Starry Banner that is docked at the marina at Roanoke Island. The history of this area will be fun to explore; it was the first attempted English colonization of America, called the Lost Colony. After several years of settlement efforts, the colony was found mysteriously abandoned in 1587 by English explorer John White — the fate and whereabouts of its 120 men, women and children completely unknown. It remains a mystery to this day.

The Outer Banks also include Kitty Hawk, famous as the site for Orville and Wilbur Wright’s first successful powered airplane flight in 1903.

After a few nights aboard the Starry Banner in the Outer Banks, we will drive down to Charleston, South Carolina. There we will stay at the historic Jacobson Building at 19 Broad, in the heart of downtown Charleston’s Gallery Row.

From there we will head further south to Savannah, Georgia; staying at the Zeigler House Inn, an Italianate bed and breakfast on Jones Street, which is sometimes called the most beautiful street in North America.


Having never been to any of these places, I’m super excited to explore more of my own country for a change! I’ll be reporting in soon, and as always will be sharing photos and updates on my social media channels — so don’t forget to follow them if you don’t already!





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