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Flashpacking Duo has been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! A massive thanks must go to Canadian blogger Taylor’s Tracks who kindly nominated us for this award. Go check her blog out.

Here are the rules of the award after being nominated:

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Here are 7 different facts about ourselves:

After serving in the Royal Air Force, It was here Claire discovered her love for travel! for this reason she left so we could both share this passion and see more of the world and hope to one day be on the road full-time.

We are massive foodies, we are blessed to live in such a rich food culture and we like to take full advantage. We often go to local food events, local farm shops and anything food related. Living in a seaside town we have some of the best quality fish and seafood available to us on our doorstep.

We have given up our apartment and moved in with Claire’s parents to help save for our next big trip, this wasn’t an easy decision giving up our home we had made together and of course giving up our own space but, with a little bit of perseverance it will pay off.

Dom is a net maker by trade, making everything from fishing nets, safety nets and lots more! He has worked on some of the safety nets at Thorpe Park and Alton Towers and often gets to go on the rides after hours… to check the safety of course!

Claire now works in the fish trade, she buys quality fresh fish from South West fish markets and sells/export internationally as well as selling to local restaurants, Schools etc.

    We have two Tortoises and a dog named Daisy who absolutely adores them! When were traveling we do find it hard to leave them but we always make sure to Skype home once a week and have a ‘chat’ with the dog so she doesn’t forget our voices!

One of us has developed a phobia of fish, Of course it’s the one of us who works with fish on a daily basis but apparently being in the sea with them is different?! We had an incident in Mexico and lets just say the word shark is understood in all languages. A lot of people cleared the sea that day, and even the Barracuda must have got scared, he left pretty sharpish too.


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