Trading Places is a digital magazine and resource for inspiration in travel, food, home, style, trends, health and wellness. We seek to be a muse to spark ideas and provide practical knowledge in the areas of travel and lifestyle — to inspire adventurous journeys, beautiful surroundings and joyful living for people to create their best lives possible.

Our audience is 25-45 years old, around a 60% female/40% male ratio. Mostly from US and UK Secondary. They are very self-aware and curious — interested in learning about other places, people and ways of life. They seek inspiration and constant self-improvement to make their own lives more joyful, fulfilled, adventurous and healthy. The life they want: travel and adventure, pursuing their passions, creating joy and beauty in their surroundings; and above all, authenticity in everything they bring into their lives.

If you are an advertiser or vendor who wishes to work with us, we have several types of opportunities available:

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We sometimes work with partners who provide original content in the form of sponsored posts, in which the content links to their product, service or client. We are extremely selective about the type of sponsored advertiser and content — it must have value for our readers and align with the Trading Places mission. We must approve all content, sponsor links and advertisers personally before publishing a sponsored post. If you would like to discuss a sponsored post opportunity, please contact us at the form below.

Influencer Marketing

If you have a product or service and are looking to partner with Trading Places to promote your company through our social media and/or digital magazine, we do work with select brands on Influencer campaigns. The brand must bring value to our customers and align with our mission. Please contact us below to begin a discussion!

Other Collaborations

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