Are you interested in contributing to Trading Places Media?

We are not accepting guest posts at the moment. We have an overload of content and are not currently accepting one-time guest posts. If you are interested in becoming a regular contributing columnist, please contact us here.

We are accepting paid sponsored posts. Please see this page for more details about sponsored posts and other advertising opportunities.

Writer guidelines:

  1. All content submitted to Trading Places must be original —it cannot be published anywhere else, including your own blog/website. We use copyright software to check this.
  2. Absolutely no promotional/advertising/paid sponsor links will be allowed in guest writer contributions! Submissions may include relevant links to sources and other helpful information, but any product or promotional linked content must be reviewed as a Sponsored Advertiser post. Trading Places reserves the right to remove or alter any links submitted with contributing author work.
  3. Stories should be a minimum of 750 words and about one of the topics we cover: travel, lifestyle, home, food, style, wellness, recreation, healthy living, etc.  It should be broken down into a few sub-sections.
  4. Authors must complete a short bio with their full name (can be a pen name) and photograph. A link to your own website and/or one social media channel can be included here.
  5. All stories must be submitted with a Feature Photograph and at least 1-2 additional photographs, depending on the topic and length of article. All photographs must be: a) the author’s own original photograph; b) a photograph obtained from a source used in the story, with their permission; or c) an image sourced from a Creative Commons source such as Flickr, with commercial license use allowed. Photographs should be 500KB or less, and no more than 800 pixels wide.
  6. Regular contributing authors will be given log-in credentials to our website administration back-end, where you can input your stories for editor review and publication.
  7. We ask for a return link from your site or blog to the published article or home page as a courtesy.