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Alaska in Photographs

In late August, I headed to my 50th state for my 50th birthday: Alaska. It was a gorgeous, amazing trip exploring via train from Anchorage up to Denali National Park; then a week on a small boat with UnCruise Adventures, exploring John Muir’s Wilderness and Glacier Bay National Park. There was stunning natural beauty at […]

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Wild, Wild Life: Tanzania Safari Photo and Video Essay

Coming in across the Serengeti plains for a landing in the small six-seater aircraft, I spotted a herd of something below. Gazelle? Impala? It was definitely some sort of antelope. And in the midst of them, something raised its long and graceful head far above the others. My heart skipped a beat — it was […]

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Concepcion Volcano on La Isla Ometepe

10 Feet of Bliss: Adventures on a Rustic Island

I don’t remember whose bright idea it was to motorcycle around the entire Maderas Volcano that makes up the southern half of La Isla Ometepe, an island in Lake Nicaragua. Actually, yes I do – it was my boyfriend Keith’s idea. But I can’t really blame him for the three hours of ass-smashing bouncing that […]

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60 Minutes Up, 60 Seconds Down: Adventures in Volcano Boarding

Cerro Negro is a very young volcano. At a mere 161 years old, it’s a newborn baby in fact. “The Black Hill” is one of 25 volcanoes in Nicaragua, of which 9 are active (or at least erupted in the last two thousand years). Cerro Negro is very definitely one of the active ones; in […]

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