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A Haunting Underwater Sculpture Garden in Grenada

They lay silent underneath the surface of the sea, holding hands with their faces turned up in hope. The Circle of Children is an underwater sculpture just off the coast of the Caribbean nation of Grenada, done by artist Jason de Caires Taylor. Their transformation, as they become remodeled through coral and other ocean growth, reflects […]

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Montréal 3 Ways: Nature Lovers, Foodies and Art Scenesters

Montréal is often said to be a little piece of Europe in North America. And it’s true, to an extent; much of the architecture and culture feels like France or Austria. But the Québec city is more North American than you might think. Its cosmopolitan energy, bold innovation and a vibe full of originality and […]

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On the Artisan route in Ecuador

Ecuador is an endlessly fascinating country – though small, it has an amazing diversity that belies its size. From the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon rainforest; from the mountains and then down to the beach; from the large metropolitan cities of Quito and Guayaquil to colonial towns like Cuenca and Loja – Ecuador seems to […]

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Marfa, Texas: The Most Incongruous Small Town Ever

Last weekend I spent several days in Marfa, which is a small Texas town way out West, in the middle of the desert and in the foothills of the Chihuahua Mountains. I had been wanting to go to Marfa for a long time — it’s not your typical small rural Texas town, but strangely enough has […]

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Tex-Mex Fairy Tales: The trippy world of Franco Mondini-Ruiz

You know that romantic notion of the starving artist — that creative genius who cares not for commercial success or selling out, but pours heart and soul into art, preferably in some damp attic garrett? Well, toss all that out the window and get ready to meet Franco Mondini-Ruiz. This flamboyant San Antonio artist is […]

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