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The Panama Canal via Eco-Tour

I arrived in Panama City from Quito, Ecuador a little over a week ago with my boyfriend. Neither of us have ever been to Panama before. One of the things we wanted to do, of course, was see the Panama Canal up close on a tour — quite the feat of engineering, especially considering that […]

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Wildlife Adventures in the Galapagos Islands: The Land Before Time

The chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador is famous for its inspiration of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection. Here on the Galapagos Islands, animals have evolved and adapted to survive in ways found nowhere else on earth. Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to go […]

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Shel with sea turtles

Sea Turtle Release in El Salvador

They inhabit all of the world’s oceans, except the Arctic. They can live for 80 years, and play key roles in the ecosystem that is important not only to them and other wildlife, but to humans as well. Sadly, all seven species of sea turtles are on the endangered or critically endangered list. In the […]

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Wild, Wild Life: Tanzania Safari Photo and Video Essay

Coming in across the Serengeti plains for a landing in the small six-seater aircraft, I spotted a herd of something below. Gazelle? Impala? It was definitely some sort of antelope. And in the midst of them, something raised its long and graceful head far above the others. My heart skipped a beat — it was […]

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Safari in Tanzania

After nearly two weeks in Kenya, Keith and I headed to Tanzania to experience our first safari, to see the famed animals of Africa in person, in their natural habitat. After a rather challenging, too-long overland bus trip from Mombasa on the Kenyan coast into Moshi, Tanzania to overnight, we were ready for our wildlife […]

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Wildlife in Peril in Thailand

NOTE: This is Breaking News! A wildlife sanctuary in Thailand has just been raided, and more than 100 animals confiscated by the government. The reason? Because this particular NGO has been very outspoken in the media about elephant poaching and the slaughter of wildlife in Thailand. Update: There is now a WFFT Resource Center on […]

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