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I’m Shelley, the face behind Trading Places. I’m a Writer, Wanderer and Wanna-be Super Hero. My site is all about creating your most authentic life, at home or around the world. From exploring new places through travel and food, to designing the environment around you at home, to nurturing yourself and others — we are all on a journey to curate our worlds to make them beautiful and purposeful.



Find your place in the world by starting with one of our lifestyle departments:


Many travelers yearn for authenticity and genuine cultural exchanges – to become part of a place, not just pass through with an outsider’s perspective. Our Explore section will inspire the nomad in you with tales of places and their people, travel guides, how-to tips, reviews and more.


I have the wanderlust gene, but I also love home; creating the most enjoyable, good-energy space I possibly can. The Dwell department is all about where we stay and how we make our homes, with design inspiration, lifestyle hacks, hotel reviews, travel accommodation tips, and all things style.


Food, glorious food. It’s not only essential to living, but in my opinion it’s one of the best things about living. In this department, you’ll find explorations of food and libations in all their glory — from top chefs and restaurants to street food vendors and markets.


I’m a big believer in self-care. We need physical, mental and emotional restoration — which often comes in the form of wellness, such as spas or fitness; but can also come from volunteering and cultivating a life of learning. Here you will find experiences for self-care and opportunities for giving back to others.


The simple joy of play — it’s essential to truly living. Here you’ll find all the fun stuff, from adventures and sports, to lifestyle trends and gear. You might read a review about a new product or gadget; you’ll also meet interesting people who share what creating their most authentic world means to them.

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